Author: Piotr Zgierski

3 ways to improve photovoltaic safety according to SolarEdge

4 July, 2024
The installation and maintenance of a photovoltaic system are generally safe processes. However,...
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Do photovoltaic panels produce a magnetic field?

18 April, 2024
Solar panels are a frequently debated topic, especially when it comes to their potential health...
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Recover and reuse: Recycling of photovoltaic panels

22 March, 2024
Recycling photovoltaic panels is an increasingly common phenomenon. Recycling of...
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Understanding SolarEdge Inverter Status LED

2 January, 2024
Understanding SolarEdge Inverter Status LED: Decoding LED Indicators and Switch Positions for...
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Save on Electricity and Heating during Christmas Trips: Simple Tips

22 December, 2023
Going on a Christmas vacation is a wonderful time, full of rest and joy. However, leaving your...
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Photovoltaics in Winter: How Do Solar Panels Perform in Colder Months?

4 January, 2024
Photovoltaics in Winter: How Do Solar Panels Perform in Colder...
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Navigating the Klimabonus Subsidy Program until 2025

19 December, 2023
The “Solidaritéitspak 2.0” initiative, offering exceptional measures, will continue...
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How a Photovoltaic Installation Works

15 December, 2023
In summary, the article “How a Photovoltaic Installation Works” provides a...
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Switching to Photovoltaic Energy: Ecological and Financial Benefits

27 November, 2023
Switching to energy from photovoltaic panels is not only a step towards protecting our planet,...
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Did you know these facts about photovoltaic installations in Luxembourg?

23 November, 2023
Did you know that more and more photovoltaic installations are being built in Luxembourg? The...
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