VOLTMAX promotes renewable and green energy

We are experts on photovoltaic solutions
and solar panel installations

Energy future

We believe that only conscious and responsible actions will help us ensure a safe and stable energy future. Let us help you design your installation so that you can go down on your energy bills and help the environment. Be smart on exceptional state aid for the green energy in 2024 and don’t miss on subsidies!

  • Energy future

    We perform photovoltaic installations on all types of roofs with, also with optimizers and energy storage

  • Energy future

    We advise and help in submitting subsidies to the government and commune

  • Energy future

    Our offer also includes heating with renewable energy sources such as heat pumps, air conditioning, and pellet boilers

  • Energy future

    We offer services to individual and commercial clients, factories and government organizations

Individual customer

A family powered by the sun

We are redefining the energy future of Luxembourg households, offering the most advanced technologies and efficient solutions in the field of renewable energy. Photovoltaics represent savings, ecology, and an investment in your and your family’s future.

We comprehensively implement photovoltaic installations from design, through execution by experienced assembly teams, to reporting to CREOS and preparing applications for funding. We guarantee the quality and durability of the components we install.
We will prepare an attractive offer tailored to your needs!

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Business customer

A company powered by the sun

Discover the potential of photovoltaics for your business. Our photovoltaic solutions are not just about savings and caring for the environment, but also an investment in modernity and energy independence. We handle comprehensive project implementation – from design, through installation, to support in obtaining subsidies. Find out how we can contribute to the development of your business and ensure energy security. Lower your bills and bring your establishment into the 21st century.

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Business and individual customer

Thermoval - products for professionals

Thermoval – a brand for professionals offering electric heating products for residential construction, as well as industrial facilities, already available in Germany and France, is now available on the Luxembourg market.

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Voltmax is not only about photovoltaics


As industry leaders shaping the renewable energy ecosystem in Europe, we want to set new and innovative standards in providing solar energy.

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Voltmax is not only about photovoltaics

Professional services

Our offer is also addressed to customers looking for professional help with large electrical and service works.

Our responsibility


Our mission is to offer cost-effective and sustainable solar energy solutions that help European society achieve its desired prosperity faster.


Provide solar energy with high power and reliability


Actively develop areas of renewable energy


Set new standards in energy delivery


Shape a responsible approach to ecology

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