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As industry leaders, we offer an extended photovoltaic offer. Equip your home or company with energy storage and protect yourself against failures and power outages.

An energy storage facility is an essential solution for anyone who wants to care for the environment and save on electricity bills. On our website you will find an offer of energy storage facilities that enable the collection and use of electricity from renewable sources, such as photovoltaic panels. Use intelligent energy management systems and reduce your electricity bills.

Our products are a guarantee of stability and energy independence, which translates into profits for our customers. See our offer now and see how easily and effectively you can take care of your environment and your wallet.

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What is energy storage and how does it work?

The energy storage will allow us to store surplus electricity obtained from our photovoltaic installation, such surplus can later be used in times of energy deficit or during periods of higher electricity consumption, and even when our installation does not produce energy at all, i.e. during the night or when the power grid fails. in our surroundings.

Independence and savings

The most important benefits

Energy storage


Independence and energy security for your home and business.

Thanks to the emergency power supply, in the event of a power outage in the public network, the energy storage ensures uninterrupted operation. Properly matched to the power of the photovoltaic installation, it allows you to almost completely resign from drawing energy from the grid, which translates into independence from constant increases in energy prices. Choose your independence and secure your energy source with an energy storage facility.


Cheap electricity at any time of the day or night

Thanks to the possibility of storing energy, you can buy electricity at night and use it also during the day, which allows you to save on electricity bills. The energy storage allows you to use the total surplus of electricity produced by the installation, which allows you to become independent from the need to purchase additional electricity in periods when the intensity of solar radiation is the lowest. Save on energy bills and enjoy independence with energy storage.


Increasing auto consumption and relieving the energy network.

Thanks to the energy storage, it is possible to increase the auto-consumption of electricity generated from the photovoltaic installation, which results in a reduction in the amount of electricity purchased at higher prices from the energy company. Additionally, the use of energy storage facilities allows you to collect part of the energy generated by photovoltaic installations and relieve the load on the power grid, which is especially important during peak hours. Choose an energy storage facility and use your electricity on your own terms.


Subsidies for energy storage – attractive programs

Take advantage of attractive subsidy programs for energy storage and make your investment even more profitable. The “My Electricity 4.0” program allows you to reduce the costs of purchasing and installing energy storage facilities. The planned subsidy ranges from 25% to 50% of the value of the energy storage facility, which may significantly reduce investment costs. Choose an energy storage facility and take advantage of attractive subsidy programs to save on costs and increase the profitability of your investment.


Flexibility in expansion – Easy to adapt to your needs!

The energy storage design offered by our company is fully flexible, so you can start with a smaller capacity and expand it as needed. Our energy storage units are designed to meet your individual needs and ensure maximum efficiency.

Using car chargers is an increasingly popular way to charge electric vehicles. However, charging stations require a significant increase in production capacity, and simply connecting to the grid is not enough. In such a situation, energy storage is an ideal solution because it provides a temporary increase in production capacity without the need to incur additional costs for expanding the network infrastructure.


Intelligent energy management

The energy storage allows for intelligent management of electricity consumption and cost optimization thanks to various operating modes. For example, you can turn on devices when the energy storage is full. This allows you to use energy more efficiently and save on electricity bills. Additionally, storing surpluses allows you to use the electricity generated by the photovoltaic installation, which is not needed at a given moment, e.g. at night, instead of going to the power grid.

Solar Edge Energy Storage

How will Your New Ecosystem Work?

SolarEdge Home optimises and prioritises your home’s energy distribution based on your individual preferences

Energy Flexibility with the SolarEdge Home Battery

  • Store excess solar to power your home later in the day and at night
  • Charge the battery from the grid to make the most of lower cost time-of-use tariffs
  • Indoor or outdoor installation
  • Add up to three batteries per inverter for greater storage capacity
  • 10kWh energy capacity
  • Manage your battery from mySolarEdge app and select your storage priorities

How to store energy?

– We can store our surpluses with the energy operator through the prosumer program, but it is worth remembering that the surpluses that will return to us will be collected after taking into account the storage fee.
– The second way is to store energy in batteries, accumulators and even in our electric cars.

What are the principles of operation of energy storage?

The storage process involves storing electricity from an available source, which can be converted into electricity if necessary.

What is an energy storage facility according to the RES Act?

An energy storage facility is a separate device or set of devices used to store energy in any form, without causing emissions that constitute a burden on the environment, in a way that allows for at least partial energy recovery.

Can I receive funding for energy storage?

It is possible to receive funding from the Moje Prąd 4.0 program in the amount of up to PLN 16,000.

What functions does an energy storage facility have?

The energy storage works like a battery, which means that it collects energy up to its specific capacity and protects us against the effects of power failure.

What is the lifespan of energy storage?

A lot depends on the manufacturer we choose, the average value we can assume is 25 years.

How much energy storage capacity do I need for my PV installation?

It is worth choosing an appropriate energy storage facility that will meet our needs in the event of a power failure. It is standardly assumed that for a 3 kWp installation we select a storage unit with a capacity of 3 kWh.

Energy storage in the power grid and related problems.

The very rapid development of renewable energy sources means there is not enough time to expand the energy network, which is a problem for our energy operators. The lack of such stabilization in the long term will result in increased requirements for prosumer consumption and the use of energy storage facilities.

Is energy storage by companies profitable?

If power failures occur frequently in your business and it is necessary for you to generate income, then it is worth protecting yourself against such an eventuality. This will allow you to maintain the continuity of your income generation, and you can include the energy storage itself in your business costs, which is completely different from including “possible losses” during a power outage.

Which photovoltaic battery is the best?

Because our photovoltaic installation, when generating excess energy through panels that we cannot currently use, will charge our energy storage, and when there is no production of the appropriate amount of electricity that we want to use, we will then use the energy we store in our storage. This entire process means that the battery works cyclically, charging and releasing energy alternately, which is why we recommend gel batteries, which are well adapted to this mode of operation and will not lose their efficiency too quickly.

How long does it take for the energy storage to be filled?

It depends on your car consumption, the power of your photovoltaic installation and the capacity of the battery you have installed. All surpluses that are currently generated go straight to the battery, which means it depends, but it should not exceed a few hours.

An electric car as our usable energy store.

When our energy storage is already full and we still produce surplus electricity, it is worth using this moment and charging our electric car to full capacity, this will relieve the load on the transmission network and not send our electricity to the power grid, for which we will later have to pay on the way back. pay.

What is the cost of energy storage?

A lot depends on what type of installation you have and what your budget is. However, it is worth assuming that for a 5 kW installation you need at least a 5 kW battery, which means that the cost of such a battery is between EUR 2,000 and EUR 4,000 without installation and additional equipment.

Do I need to organize a special room for my energy storage?

If the energy storage is an addition to an existing photovoltaic installation, most often such a battery will be installed near the inverter.

Will Voltmax equip me with energy storage?

Of course, contact us and let’s talk about everything together.

Will electricity from storage be automatically used after a power outage?

Switching the inverter’s operating mode takes only a few seconds, which means that after a while we will be using our own energy reserves.

Will I still be a prosumer if I have a PV installation and energy storage?

The energy storage will not change our status, we will still have the status of a prosumer.

Energy storage as emergency power supply – is it like this in every case?

Not all energy storage systems

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